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Digiex is a technology and gaming forum, founded in 2004 by insanenutter and nimrod. If you watch all of the videos in this playlist, you will learn all of the necessary information to get 360 waves as a beginner. Apply the patch by clicking patch iso in the wave you want. You already have waves now the only thing to do is use the soft more than the hard, im not saying you should abondon it but use the soft more goal for 2011. Pour loccasion, notre tant celebre logiciel 360 waves patcher, devient 360 games patcher. It is a wellknown fact that people with softer or less nappy hair have an easier time creating the 360 waves then those without mixed blood or with traditional hard or nappy hair. Please note, there is a video below explaining all of this for those of you that are visual learners. Finally discover the secrets to getting perfect 360 waves.

All waves wave 1, wave 2, wave 3, wave 4 all isos including all. I know it sounds like magic, but this can be easily achieved. Twin survivors achievement in airmech arena xbox 360. Comme dhabitude, 360 waves patcher sen voit donc mis a jour pour gerer cette nouvelle wave.

Products olive cream, doo gro, indian hemp, olive cholesterol, and vo5 shampoo. My black friends are all envious of my hair, and i know many other egyptians with the same skin color as me who have 360 waves. After this, get a rag and put hot water on it, then ring it out. How to stealth patch xbox 360 isos with agbx 360 wonderhowto. The stages of wolfing for 360 waves 360waveprocess. However, the consistent use of grooming techniques may help you get 360 waves faster. Most importantly, brush waves often using a mirror to get the desired pattern. The hairstyle is achieved with a shortcropped haircut and frequent brushing andor combing of the curls which trains the curls to flatten out, as well as wearing a dorag. Achieving 360 waves usually takes weeks depending on the hair texture. You are going to need a professional like me who knows how to get anyone 360 waves no matter what hair style. Here is an example, the secrets in the 360 waves formula, will work for just about anybody.

Win a 2player online survival match on any survival map worth 10 gamerscore. Players need to only use a moderate amount of moisturizer to get the desired effect. And so much more grab your favorite brush and join today. What, why, how im hoping that any new wavers, old wavers, or like me a returning waver, can use this as a beginning reference for healthy and successful waves. If you have a hacked xbox 360, youve only accomplished part of the process required to allow you to played burned copies of games on your console. Features from hyrule warriors can only be used once per day. Oct 29, 2008 achieving 360 waves can sometimes seem impossible. Some two page or three page guide written by someone whos guessing how to get waves. Most people either dont know how to get 360 waves, or just cannot stand waiting for the process it takes to form 360 waves. How to chagne an xbox360 games wave if your firmware is to old for the newest games. Waves are a hairstyle for curly hair in which the curls are brushed andor combed and flattened out, creating a ripplelike pattern the hairstyle is achieved with a shortcropped haircut and frequent brushing andor combing of the curls which trains the curls to flatten out, as well as wearing a dorag.

Some can easily create the 360 waves because of the type of hair they were born with. These professionals can easily be found on the internet, on blogs, forums, barbar shops etc. Im egyptian, look like and same skin color as the standard egyptians who live there today, and i have natural deep 360 waves. You also have to burn the games correctly, and part of doing that is stealth patching you iso files to make sure that they are uptodate and wont get you noticed by microsoft. The stages of wolfing for 360 waves posted on march 19, 2017 by by 360waveprocess posted in uncategorized 6 comments v we here at 360 wave process know what it takes to have your waves on swim, so lets talk about the first steps to obtaining the deepest waves by wolfing. Below is a list of every single amiibo from waves 4 and 5. When off the court use a durag or stocking cap to maintain 360s. Starting from the crown on the head, these waves extend all the way to the bottom sometimes resembling ripples in a pond. Read on to learn how you too can have your waves spinning in 3 weeks or less hello friend, if youd finally like to learn how to get deep, dark, spinning hair waves like your favorite celebrities and athetes this is probably the most important letter youll ever read. If so, can give me a routine with these and details of each instruction for morning and evening. Just like baking a cake you need to make sure you get the right ingredients. Waves are meant to breath thus caking up hair with product is a no go. Discuss your favorite brushes, products and helpful advice for the newer kids.

Ill be contributing my knowledge but i encourage and hope for your input. Needs proper brushing to hair gota stay nicely groomed and brushed. If you try to duplicate the deep wave look but can achieve only micro waves, it is probably because the natural curl pattern of your hair is too small in diameter. How to make micro 360 waves to deep 360 waves leaftv. Youll need to brush your hair for 30 minutes to 1 hour daily and wear a durag every night to sleep to get the waves you want. First, buy some extra virgin olive oil and your brush. This video will show you how to use agbx360 to stealth patch you files. This style is characterized by the deep wave patterns which develop in a 360 degree circular pattern around the head. Jul 30, 2014 the max level achievement in airmech arena xbox 360 worth 29 points reach level 15 in any airmech in an online or offline game. The max level achievement in airmech arena xbox 360 worth 29 points reach level 15 in any airmech in an online or offline game.

Digiex has served the internet community with breaking news, detailed guides, exclusive downloads and a popular discussion forum. Waves are a popular hairstyle among africanamerican men and can be seen on the heads of a number of celebrities. Getting the right products for your 360 waves process is really important. Now, brush your hair as normal all over until its fully combed. Here are a list of some of the newest products people are using to get 360 waves. In this video, we learn how to get 360 waves using olive oil. It should be useful for people with older firmwares that doesnt have support for the newer waves. From here, rub this all over your hair to get rid of any chemicals in your hair. Xbox 360 patcher nfo wave 7 xbox360 ccclx xbox 360 wave. With apples gatekeeper feature now built into os x this can prove a bit of a challenge depending on what your security settings are. Sole survivor achievement in airmech arena xbox 360. My beginners method is different from others because it focuses on helping the guys who have the most trouble getting waves. Then, put the olive oil into the palm of your hand and spread it.

False information, everything in the ebook has been part of my personal wave strategy for years. All xbox 360 homebrew, list of all xbox 360 homebrew at 360hq. For all those trying to obtain 180, 360, 540, 720 waves. But also a style that is sometimes difficult to achieve. Jan 10, 2015 360 waves for beginners method the 360waveprocess beginners method to 360 waves is very popular due to its simplicity many guys have been able to achieve great results by adopting the method. The games they are compatible with are noted as well.

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