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Send us an email, include the word patron and we will add your email address to a confidential listserv which will inform you of significant kentucky rifle and accoutrement issues and events as they become known to us. Kentucky rifle deckard rifle longrifle pennsylvania rifle. Kentucky rifle 1955 full length western movie in color. The kentucky rifle was originally a flintlock design, but evolved into a percussion rifle as the technology. The kentucky firearm bill of sale is a legal document that would be used to provide evidence that there has been a legal sale, purchase or trade of a firearm.

Unfortunately, the indians know about it, and give the occupants an ultimatum. Kentucky rifle a lancaster legion for a similar example. Muzzleloaders muzzleloading rifles, muzzleloader optics, muzzloading accessories blackpowder rifles. A 48 page softcover book with details and drawings to include fullsize sketches of the stock pattern and component parts. The dvd shows the process of building one of their kits from beginning to end.

Full western movie, full length cowboy film, english. Build tracks classic tennessee longrifle kit, in traditional. Western action 1956 84 minutes color a man escorts a wagon load of kentucky rifles through indian territory, and must find a way to get through, without. The kentucky rifle 1955 a wagon train travels through indian territory carrying a load of kentucky rifles.

Pulling the trigger of bourgeoyss creation released the hammer, which held a sharpened piece of flint that struck a piece of steel called a frizzen, flicking it back and creating a. I have collected since age 16, been a member of the kentucky rifle asssociation since 1983 and past president, and have organized and held an annual kentucky rifle show since 1984. Kentucky joins 16 other states that allow for some form of constitutional carry. Dillins history and illumination of the classic american longarm is the definitive work on the subject and serves as the primary reference for later works, such as those by kindig, shumway. Rare gem 1850s antique sharps pistolrifle falling block action carbine. How to load and fire a black powder rifle gear patrol. The long sighting plane between the blade front sight and fixed notch rear sight adds precision shooting accuracy. The germanstyle lock on this rifle is signed f klette, and the. Throughout the revolutionary war and the war of 1812, these rifles were cherished, and those soldiers who were fortunate enough to own one were. Also remember, those old longhunters stalked deep all day long with long kentucky, pennsylvania, and tennessee mountain rifles, along with all sorts of smoothbore fowlers. The most popular musket of the day was the aforementioned brown bess that fired large spherical balls of lead and was essentially a smoothbore caliber shotgun.

The team narrowly edged out west virginia university to win it in columbus, ohio. Unfortunately the indians know about it, and give the occupants an ultimatum. While the wagon train forges ahead, a few people stay behind to repair a disabled rifle filled wagon but they have to contend with one anothers ego and with aggressive comanches who demand the rifles as payment for safe passage. Kentucky rifles and accouterments at michael tuccori antiques. Chill wills, lance fuller, cathy downs, jess barker, sterling holloway, carl k. Kentucky rifle 1955 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

One wagon breaks an axle and it gets left behind and a small group must defend itself. Dimensions or template of pennsylvania or kentucky rifle. Building a pennsylvania longrifle jacobsburg historical. See more ideas about black powder guns, long rifle and kentucky. Kentucky rifle is a 1955 american western movie starring a buckskinclad chill wills and featuring cathy downs, sterling holloway and henry. Kentucky governor matt bevin signed a law monday that will allow residents over the age of 21 to carry concealed firearms without a permit as long as they meet the requirements to own a firearm. Decorated with crescent moon, stars, bird, and initials. Kentucky rifles for sale, historical kentucky rifles by. Opinions as to the best kentucky long rifle replica. Kentucky rifle plural kentucky rifles us, historical a distinctive type of flintlock later percussion cap rifle used on the american frontier 17001850s. Because the train has a strict schedule to follow, the broken wagon is left behind. The model for the kentucky rifle is generally thought to be a short, heavy german rifle with a bore of about 75 caliber, made for hunting wild boar and antlered stag at close range, its true predecessor, however, is a german rifle of another type, a slender piece with a long barrel and a smaller bore.

The kentucky long rifle was more accurate than any known previous firearm, and it soon became famous with a flight being deadly at over 200 yards, which was an astonishing range at that time. Kentucky rifle 1956 cast and crew one of the wagons attached to a wagon train has a damaged axle. Also, pedersoli separates their long rifles into two groups by barrel length. Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. This document will also establish a change of ownership. Mar 29, 20 the kentucky rifle 1955 a wagon train travels through indian territory carrying a load of kentucky rifles. Kentucky rifle deckard rifle longrifle pennsylvania. As well the signatures of two 2 witnesses will be required and therefore, no signatures. Nonprofit corporation organized to establish a permanent international organization for promotion of the pleasure and recreation of its members interested in the collection and preservation of the kentucky rifle, kentucky pistol and related accouterments.

Build tracks classic tennessee longrifle, easy to assemble rifle kit, 36 or 42 octagon barrel, traditional iron, or brass trim, plain or fancy maple stock often referred to as a tennessee style, this attractive south mountain flint lock longrifle is trimmed in iron, and stocked in plain maple. In the song reference was made to the kentucky men and their kentucky rifles. Kentucky rifle 1955 full length western movie in color youtube. Antique kentucky rifles for sale, kentucky rifles, kentucky. Google them, they sell kits and parts for rifle builders, and an excellent dvd on building a long rifle. As dallas bogan, a kentucky rifle enthusiast, states, these rifles also started a trend in rifles that continues to this day. Mar 05, 2015 jim chambers is one of the best places to look. Sure, these were certainly used in and around kentucky during the 1700s and 1800s. The signed, frederick klette rifle of circa 177580 fig. These pioneers did much of the original research on kentucky rifles and were active in publishing this information to enlighten all who were interested in learning more about these rifles. While the wagon train forges ahead, a few people stay behind to. Identifiable by its faceted comb, diamond shape lock bolt plate, long 2screw barrel tang, simple lower butt mold, and deeply sculpted cheek piece.

For sale custom made kentucky long rifle, 45 caliber, flint lock, tiger wood stock, custom inlays, hair style trigger mechanism pull rear trigger to set front hair trigger or use a full squeeze on the rear trigger to fire. Emphasis on challenging areas of building flintlocks, expanded commentary and many drawings that can be copied and reproduced to make templates. Klette was the master armorer at the rappahannock forge in falmouth, va during the revolutionary war, and his home was the crossroads of stevensburg in culpeper county, va outside of fredericksburg, va 6. A long slender flintlock kentucky rifle of modest decoration in excellent condition. A man at work came to me and asked me if id be interested in a. University of kentucky rifle team rifles in kentucky.

Kentucky rifle is a 1955 american western movie starring a buckskinclad chill wills and featuring cathy downs, sterling holloway and henry hull, involving smuggling a wagon filled with rifles past american indian tribes already aware of the subterfuge. The kentucky rifle association would like to welcome you to our website. The rifle was used almost exclusively in that battle by the militia from kentucky and tennessee under andrew jackson. They call the ones with 36 12 barrels kentucky rifles, and those with 41 12 barrels pennsylvania rifles. With chill wills, lance fuller, cathy downs, sterling holloway. The kentucky rifle foundation publishes and sells, through its online store, many of the recent books published on the subject kentucky rifles and produces cds for sale exhibiting the finest rifles displayed at its regional exhibits and meetings. Even if youre building from scratch, youll see the proper use of tools and methods. The reason these revolutionary guns were so popular was because of how light and graceful these guns were.

Shooting and loading the kentucky long rifle youtube. Kentucky flintlock rifle black powder guns rifle stock long rifle fire powers hunting rifles mountain man firearms. A man escorts a wagon load of kentucky rifles through indian territory and must find a way to get through without losing the rifles to the indians. Its hardwood stock is decorated with brass furniture. The kentucky rifle was one of the most manufactured american rifles in the 1700s and was used extensively in the american revolution. Kentucky percussion model, rifles kentucky 17501850 c. The kentucky rifle is known by many different names including the pennsylvania rifle and the long rifle. Free kentucky firearm bill of sale form word pdf eforms. The kentucky rifle matches classic beauty with outstanding performance. Oct 22, 2019 the kentucky rifle foundation is a nonprofit, 501c 3 corporation and is funded by contributions, the sale of educational materials, fund raising events and endowments. The kentucky rifle foundation education committee has taken the original negatives from several books published by the kra in the 60s and 70s and created this valuable tool. The website moderators will attempt to get expert answers from the appropriate community of experts and will post answers here for all to read.

This rifle became the primary weapon of the frontiersmen, especially in the isolated and hazardous wilds of tennessee and kentucky. What you have is a backaction percussion muzzleloader, probably from the latter half of the 19th century that was likely used as a target rifle given the peep sight and doubles set triggers, the later of which are fairly common on rifles of that era. Typical rifle in use in the american colonies it became, thanks to its lightness and accuracy, one of the most popular american rifles. Reviewed in the united kingdom on october 15, 2010. The term kentucky rifle first appeared, in print, in a victory song soon after the american defeat of the british in the battle of new orleans. Kentucky rifle is a 1955 american western movie starring a buckskinclad chill wills and. He says its in great shape and hasnt been fired in 12 or 15 years at least. The kentucky long rifle was more accurate than all muskets made up to that time and soon became legendary as being lethal over 200 yards. Another speculated reason that this gun picked up the nickname the kentucky rifle is from the popular song, the hunters of kentucky, at the battle of new orleans, which was fought by many kentuckians who used this rifle in the war of 1812. The original kentucky rifle featured a flintlock ignition, however, this variation of the rifle features a percussion ignition for easier use out in the field. The barrel is blue finished, all fittings are of polished brass and the walnut stock is oil finished. If you want to use a paper form to order cds, download, fillout and mail this form. Apr 02, 20 kentucky rifles are traditionally full stocked and a bit longer, but if you want a shorter full stock rifle you could look at a jeager rifle.

Feb 03, 2015 its a long rifle, and it may be from kentucky but it isnt the classic kentucky or pennsylvania long rifle. Before we look at the legendary kentucky rifle, a little background may be in order. In the 20102011 campaign, the university of kentucky co mens and womens team took 1 st place and won the national championship for the first time in the schools rifle history go cats. This rifle evolved from the german hunting guns and was a major rival of the brown bess. Oct 15, 2014 western action 1956 84 minutes color a man escorts a wagon load of kentucky rifles through indian territory, and must find a way to get through, without losing the rifles to the indians.

But they were also known in pennsylvania, virginia, tennessee, maryland, north carolina and any other region of colonial appalachia, and worked their way westward. The kentucky rifle association was formed in 1962 by a group of pioneer collectors and students of kentucky rifles and pistols. The kentucky rifle, sometimes also known as the long rifle or pennsylvania rifle is famously known as the first americanmade longarm with a rifled barrel, featuring lands and grooves causing the bullet to spin as it leaves the gun, making it far more accurate than the smoothbore muskets of the time, including the british brown bess flintlock musket. The kentucky rifle is widely recognized today as a uniquely american work of art, a form of applied art and a historical document that is highly prized by collectors. Ask any questions related to kentucky rifle and acccouterments and fine art and acquisition using the email system provided at the bottom of any page.

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